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On a mountain path a gentle invitation wild violet

In Japan, the present consumes the past and digests it on a regular
basis, renewing the past and making it the new present.
Augustin Berque

Japan is a country whose distant past is still hazily visible in the present yet that
at the same time portends a most distant future filled with turbulence.
Federico Fellini

The intrigue of Japan's Renga and Renku linked verses, is that each piece is
created by a group of poets in collaboration. Participants became highly adept
in the art of 'baton-passing' from one to another.
Donald Lawrence Keene

The excellent work of contemporary Japan is excellent in that it dose not attempt
to be Japanese, and precisely that makes it fundamentally Japanese.
Bruno Taut

We should be discussing 'Japanese cultures' and 'Japanese traditions'.
We should say, 'Japans', because that would be closer to the historical truth
and to the actuality of present-day Japanese society.
It allows Japan to be compared with other cultures of the world and enables
new and enlightened ways of understanding its history.
John W. Dower

Rising again
the chrysanthemums faint
after the rains

by yamaocomjp | 2013-08-24 08:56

summer sonic

by yamaocomjp | 2013-08-11 13:57

Visual Analogy

consciousness as the art of connecting
by yamaocomjp | 2013-08-05 23:12